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Stocks Close Strong

January 5, 2021-December was another very good month for stocks across the globe. This strength was, to say the least, a welcome way to close out a year in which the market had experienced staggering drops and unexpected, euphoric highs. The S&P 500 Index was up 3.84% for the month and closed the year at an all-time new high. This was one of only 8 times in history the index closed the year at an all-time high as well as marking the shortest time span between such peaks.

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Vaccines, Strong Retail Sales, and Stimulus

December 2, 2020-November was a very good month for stocks across the globe as equity investors showed an increased appetite for risk following the lackluster months of September and October. The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index gained more than 12% during the month representing the best month for the Dow since January 1987.

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Much Can Change Quickly

November 2, 2020-It feels odd writing this commentary one day ahead of the National election knowing so much can change so quickly depending upon a multitude of factors. As I was reading this morning several countries in Europe are preparing for full scale lockdowns due to the resurgence of COVID cases in Europe. Certain nations, such as Germany and Belgium have already re-instituted severe restrictions, Spain has closed its borders, and the U.K. and Italy are both slated to impose lockdowns that are less intense than previously experienced but, nonetheless, indicative that a full return to business-as-usual may still be a long way off.

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COVID, The Economy, & The Election

October 2, 2020-The U.S. stock rally that began in late March of this year lost some of its enthusiasm during September. While stocks continued to rise on an overall basis, with 3Q20 marking the third quarter in a row of gains, the three major US stock indices closed the month in negative territory.

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