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May 18, 2021-– Stadion Money Management, an independent managed account provider that offers personalized retirement services to plan sponsors and their participants, announced the launch of Stadion Technology. Stadion will now offer its retirement managed account technology to asset managers and advisory firms to power their ability to offer managed accounts to retirement plans.

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More New Records Set

May 4, 2021-Enthusiasm for stocks remains extremely high, with individual investors holding more equities than ever before. This high-spiritedness appears fueled by a robust earnings season, the prospect of a post pandemic economic recovery, and additional stimulus checks which have helped bolster not only household earnings but also savings.

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Rising Yields and Inflation Concerns

March 2, 2021-During the final week of February bond markets experienced a large selloff causing yields to spike and in turn gave equity markets a jolt. The benchmark 10-year Treasury yield soared to a one-year high of 1.614% before finishing the month at 1.41%, prompting investors concerned about rich valuations to lock in profits on some high-flying growth stocks.

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A Mixed Month

February 2, 2021-January was a mixed month for stocks as doubts about vaccine distribution, as well as a plethora of executive orders from newly inaugurated President Biden, caused some investors to reevaluate the valuations of their holdings. The S&P 500 Index was down just over -1% for the month and the Dow Jones Industrial average lost almost -2%. However the NASDAQ posted a gain of 1.44% and small cap stocks continued their run posting a gain in excess of 5% for the month as represented by the Russell 2000 Small Cap index. Internationally developed world stocks as represented by the MSCI EAFA Index were down just over -1% while the MSCI Emerging Market index posted a gain of 2.99%.

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Stocks Close Strong

January 5, 2021-December was another very good month for stocks across the globe. This strength was, to say the least, a welcome way to close out a year in which the market had experienced staggering drops and unexpected, euphoric highs. The S&P 500 Index was up 3.84% for the month and closed the year at an all-time new high. This was one of only 8 times in history the index closed the year at an all-time high as well as marking the shortest time span between such peaks.

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